• actanotary A rich ERP based on the knowledge of notarial professionals, combined with, the knowledge of experts in information systems. The result is a solution specialized in notary management in Morocco.

    This software allows you to optimize the processes of the activity of your notarial office, the declaration of a case and its actors, to the acts, the payments, the receipts, the invoices and their regulations.

    Getting access to the right combination of essential and intuitive features means you will have more time to focus on your strategies and develop even stronger relationships with your clients.

    The processing of receipt / payment of fees or those relating to the price as well as the receipt of the fees are treated natively in the solution.

    Integrated analysis tools allow you to produce statistics, graphs and dashboards on demand.


  • Notariat

    A follow-up of the cases allowing to appreciate, in real time, the situation and evolution as well as an integrated accounting to see at a glance the financial situation of a file.

    Files: All documents / contracts relating to a case: Sales, exchanges, shares, wills, mortgage assignments, releases, powers of attorney,leases, companies, donations, Sale undivided right, compromise.

    Contracts: Increase visibility through proactive contract management and compliance with leads.

    • Management of the parties.
    • Management of receipts / payments (prices, fees, fees)
    • Follow-up of contract status (Draft, signed, listed, registered, entered in CF, closed, canceled)
    • Printing generation
    • Signature Management
    • Document management
    • Management of suspensive conditions
    • Management of RE, OR, DV

    Documents: For each document of type discharge, banking commitment, release, expedition or certificate of ownership ... manage:

    • The partners
    • Printing
    • Collection and payment of fees

    Partners: List all types of partners: companies , administration, banks or individuals.

    Assets: Identify and provide all necessary information about the property and its owners, as well as details of the dates of enjoyment.

    Slips: Generate and print your mailing slips for any exchange of documents with your, customers, banks, collectors, custodians or tax administrations.

    Stamps : Automation of the stamp and stamp duty process :

    • Stock management
    • Management of stock movements
    • Monitoring the quantities reserved and used for each person in the notary's
    • Automatically calculates the cost of stamp duties per document
    • Automatically calculates the cost of stamp duties per document

    Invoices: Automatically generate the invoice specific to a given contract according to the parameters of this type of contract.

  • Finance

    Trace your expenses and bank deposit and keep an eye on the figures of your activity.

    • Management of cash receipts or payments (prices, fees, fees)
    • Management of bank accounts
    • Transfer of funds between accounts or to the bank
    • Management of bank accounts
    • Integration of bank statements
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Management of checks and checkbooks
    • Payment Process Process Management
    • Generating check slips
    • Generation of receipts, acknowledgments of receipt, authorization of payment.
  • Archive

    A powerful method that guarantees the accessibility, reliability and integrity of your archive.

    • Life cycle management of archives (current , intermediate and historical)
    • Management of archives, shelves, rows and boxes.
    • Monitoring of capacity, space used and free space.
    • Traceability of your records archiving operations
  • Administration

    Answer the question who has access to what and who should do what? In order to make a finer management of the access rights of the users of the system and to define privileges specific to each role within the firm.

    • User Management
    • Role management
    • Group Management
    • Management of permissions

  • Document Modeling

    Prepare and configure document templates / contracts for reuse in a new cases. This module is also used to automatically generate document / contract printouts based on predefined templates.

  • Configuration

    Set the system to meet your most demanding requirements by integrating:

    • The types of goods, invoices, stamps, files and contracts / documents
    • The types of payment of fees: property certificate, TPI, TNB, Tax of Edacity, Land Conservation, EDT, DAMGHA, Schedule, Taxes ...
    • The programs of automatically calculating the amount relating to each type of fee payments.
    • Years and inflation coefficients
    • Types of parties: Seller, buyer, exchanger, co-sharer , beneficiary, bank
    • The banks
    • Land of registry
    • The conditions precedent
    • The components of the goods
  • Home

    Story the visits and calls of your visitors (customer, company ...) o as to offer better communication within the firm and with your partners.